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Welcome to the Arts and Humanities Grant Studio!

The Arts & Humanities Grant Studio (AHGS) is an engagement and support initiative in the Fine Arts and Humanities of the College of Arts and Sciences at UNC Chapel Hill. Guided by a director and facilitated by a team of postdoctoral fellows, the AHGS reinforces the work of the university’s leading faculty, staff, and student humanists, assisting with the workload of and cultivating growth for grant-funded projects. What distinguishes the initiative is an integrative approach, one that seeks a culture shift in project-based work on campus that centers relationship building and dynamic collaboration.

Connect with Us

Interested in meeting us and learning more about what we do? Are you currently applying for grants or have received a grant and could benefit from grant support? Or just curious how to grow your research project? Feel free drop us a line! We’d love to buy you coffee.